The sparks that define the calibre of a modern age woman is well depicted by the ethnic yet trendy designs by Tripti’s Exclusive, a label that was founded by a young self taught jewelry artist, in the year 2013. Though the brand is young, yet it aspires and inspires every modern age woman to show the world what she holds within.
Each design by Tripti’s Exclusive comes to you entirely handcrafted thus, keeping the charm of Indian handicraft alive. A product by Tripti’s Exclusive will not just be any other fashion accessory in your collection but, will be a piece of love, care and craftsmanship of the designer who makes them all by herself, keeping in mind, not just the design aspects of the jewelry but also, paying special attention to the quality of the products that reaches the ultimate consumer.


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The elegance of our designed jewellery makes it Women’s most sensuous and glamorous attire

On Time Delivery

We make every effort to deliver within the time window provided.

Customised Designs

They come in a wide variety, each with intricate design, flawlessness and a unique style of ornamentation

Polymer Clay Jewellery

Uniqueness of these jewels lies in the quality of material that is used to craft them.

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our team

Tina Willys
art designer
Nishtha Goel
I am a self-taught Jewellery artist who was busy playing with numbers before the creative call beckoned me to pursue my dream of creating magic with my own hands and that gave birth to my venture "Tripti's Exclusive" The thing that sets my work apart is the basic feel of each of the creations, which are trendy yet have an ethnic/rustic Indian touch to it. Every piece is handcrafted with immense love and warmth which will definitely be felt each time someone will wear it and flaunt it with style!

Supervision and Key Management
Tripti Goel
“If you have the passion for something, just do it”. For, that is exactly what she did. As a 47-year-old housewife and mother of two, She turned her boredom into creative venture and made it to real business. She plays a key role in the management of the affairs of business and supervise the production.

Running your own business is no piece of cake. Neither is raising a family. She is a mom, who has managed to do both with a mix of intelligence, creativity and sheer determination.
“The alchemy of beauty is magical and when a woman wears it she feels connected to the jewellery and is transformed into a picture of confidence,” she says.
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